All Night Long

Feel my touch brush my skin
Tender nibbles
Lustful giggles
Don’t make me chase you
Round and round the room
 Shedding clothing as we go
Ha caught you!!!
Grabbing your arm
Tackling you to the floor
Umm you smell good
Mind in overdrive
The things i am going to do
Ravage your body from head to toe
Sampling everywhere in between
Not missing a spot
Tasting every drop
Oh yes moan some more
It turns me on
Pull your hair
Spank your ass
Make you explode around my shaft
Leave you breathless begging for more
Hey wait
What are those click…
Handcuffs for
Ooooh i see
As those lips engulf me
Slow at first
Then all the way
Bringing my manhood back to life
Chained here
No resistance i can give
Climb Abord
Do what you will
All this for you
Take it in
Faster and faster
In and out
Control your pleasure
Find your pace
I want to feel you explode
Your head buried in my chest
Scratches on my arms and back
Stars in your eyes
A smile on your lips
Just a breather
Before i pleasure you again
So close your eyes
Take a rest
And uh hummm
Can you loosen the handcuffs


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