My Control

Nails scratching
Flesh reddened with passionate lines
Clothes scattered
Ankles flung back
Thighs clenching
Writhing and screaming
Animal instincts taking over
Not stopping till you come
Every trick in the book
Finally exploding on my tongue
Holding you there
Feeling every tremor
Enjoying every moment
Ummm that sweet smell in the air
Tasty wetness on my chin
Letting you rest for just a moment
But not too long
Cause now it’s my turn
Think i will flip you around
Spanking so lightly as i bury it deep from behind
Screams buried in the pillow
A smile upon my face
A little different than before?
I am in control this time…


Your number curls and fades as it hangs upon my wall
Like the love we had soon it will disintegrate
I try so hard to hang on to what not there
The beauty of your smile
The warm smell of your hair
They linger with me and will never leave
Now i walk forever alone
Thinking why did you leave?


On And On

On and on we go
One day so close
The next so far
My mind is awash with the pain of you
I see you one way
You see me another
The typical case of we can never be together
Today i am fine and love you as my friend
But tomorrow who knows where my feelings will land
Each time i see you i fall deeper in
The color of you hair
The soft glow of your skin
All this hurt and confusion
Yet i still grin
For i can always look forward to you being my friend


Again And Again

Again and again you come and go ruining my life with your flash and glow
Stepping on my heart but not caring enough to see
Now you lied again
So now your gone forever
My heart refusing to let you back
So around you will come begging for my forgiveness only to find i quit dealing with your monkey business
Please o please you will say with a tear in your eye
But what you have done is turned my heart to ice
For now i hope your happy and this has opened your eyes
For now like you i am stone faced and blind



Why am i so silent?
Why do i hols in the pain?
You say i am not bugging you
But in my heart i know it’s not true
Can anyone make sense of this?
Your acting so kind yet pushing me away
Lost before i call
Heartbroken after we talk
What to feel?
Confusion over someone that i don’t even know?
Possibly in love with an idea?
Will you tell me what you feel



Wicked thoughts
Smiling a bit as i undress you in my mind
Caressing skin
Stroking thighs
Tasting whats between
Delicious sweetness
Whipped cream and chocolate syrup
Oils and lotions
Maybe just standing in the shower going at it like animals
Or lying together nibbling and devouring
Building up the passion
Readying for whips and blindfolds
Tie me up
It’s what i want
Taste my hardness
Control my pleasure
I will reward your attention 10 fold
Cause when i am done with you
Unable to move
Just a grin upon your face
At a loss how many time you came
Oh how i have let my mind wander
All these wicked thoughts left to squander
My twisted side raging out of control
All my thoughts locked
Nowhere to go

Carmel And Chains

Carmel and chains

Crotchless panties and satin sheets
Handcuffs with ice cubes stir the mood
Teasing and pleasing with scratching and claws
Pulling tugging and stroking is what’s on tap
Licking all the right spots
Fingers making places ready for fun
Smiling in my wicked mind
Knowing your in control
Ready and willing for anything
So have your way
Snap your whip
Control my actions
Chain me up
Hold me hostage
Cover me in your sugar
Ready and willing for anything
But the question is can you handle me?