Old and tired
Long day
Stretching out on the couch
Closing my eyes
Peacefully drifting off
Then from my slumber
From my daze
I feel you climb silently upon me
Nibbling my skin
Licking and biting
Pulling away my clothing
Naked flesh exposed
Totally at your mercy as you demand pleasure
Standing over me
Ready to go
Probing with fingers
Tasting your treasure
Making you beg for my sword
Moaning for relief
Finally pinning you to the floor
Driving all the way in
One swift motion
Bodies clenching together
Nails raking my back
Slamming in and out
Ankles high in the air
Moaning and groaning as you talk dirty in my ear
Urging me deeper and faster
Till exploding in an orgasmic dance
Waves of pleasure tear through us
Arms and legs shaking and useless
Falling over breathless
Staring at the ceiling
Finding another suprise awaits me
A finger gently rubs my lips
Sweet and sticky goodness reviving the senses
A tasty treat from between your thighs
Ummmm so good
Instantly hard again
Ooooh hang on were going to be at it all night long
And get that rope and whipcream
 So you can tie up and torture me
I have been a bad boy and need a good beating…


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