Seeing Touching Tasting

Tying you up
Stripping you down
Whispering dirty words in your ear

Telling all the things i will do to you

Spanking your ass
Pulling your hair

Dipping my tongue into your wetness
Tasting all the goodness

Inserting a finger one by one
Starting so gently as i work your bud

Making you moan
Driving you toward the edge

Going slow
Making you beg
You will cum first

Need to watch you quiver

Only then will i untie the ropes
Put you in reverse cowgirl

Oh such a thrill
Watching my cock slide in and out

Reaching forward caressing your tits
Building you towards an earthshaker

Faster now
Lustful slamming

Over the top
Both at the same time

Breathing heavy

Ultimate high
Energy spent

Just a little rest

Night is still young

So much left to do
Booze and a box of toys

Limitless possibilities

Going to do you till you can’t stand up

Leave you bowlegged and twisted
Fulfilling every fantasy…


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