Upon my lips
Your name

Inside my brain
Your picture

In my dreams
Your touch

During my days
Aimless wandering

Lying at night
Restless anxiety

In my heart
An emptiness
A hopeless dream
A worthless bark up the wrong damn tree

Yet upon my lips
Inside my heart
Burned into my soul

Your face
Your name
Your every being

Etched in stone


Your name upon my lips…

Cowgirl Up

Leather lace and a riding crop
Are you prepared to cowgirl up?

Swerves and curves in all the right places
Such naughty parts begging to be taken

Enough teasing
Time for pleasing

Talk is cheap
Time to cowgirl up

Rope and ride
Take the bull by the horns

Use all your skills
All your talents

Unleash them

Rock my world

So strip it down
Give me everything you got

Whip me
Beat me into submission

Give in to all your cravings
Do me upside down and sideways

Ride me off into the sunset

Uuummm the thought

Are you prepared to cowgirl up?


Fewer and fewer
Day by day

Less and less feelings upon the page

Bottling up
Hiding away
Drowning sorrows in non creative ways

A bottle
Other things here and there
Mixing them up for a trip to nowhere

Down again
So lost
Can’t express

Self doubt
Trapped inside my own cluttered mind

Fewer and fewer
Day by day
Less words upon the page

My release
My expressions

Drifting away

Total darkness
No one understanding

Now staring
Seeing only blank pages

Empty inside
Worthless to even myself

Just helpless with no way out…


Reflecting on present trials
Unable too look forward

History repeating itself
No reason to smile

Spiraling downward
Unbreakable cycle

Anxiety ridden
Depressed to the point i can’t stand to be in my own skin

God i wish i was dead!!!

Why can’t anyone understand?

It just needs to end!!!

No way to be happy again

Soul charred and burned
Cursed at every turn

To broken
To old

Just want to disappear
Away from your questions
Away from your lies

To be with someone that understands

Someone to just walk with me…

Someone that will just hold my hand…


Charred on the outside
Cold in the middle

Seared beyond recognition from the lies you speak

Treated improperly

Poached and then deep fried

Thrown on a plate
Served up face down with a side of broken heart

Cut apart
Chewed up
Spit out

Too bitter
Too angry for you to swallow

Screaming for vengeance
Ready to rise from the ashes

Under cooked
Left out too long

Improperly handled

Become poison

An illness

An unseen pathogen

Giggling with glee…

Watching you suffer upon your knees…


Marching to a beat you can’t understand
I hate
I love
I fall
I crawl
I fail
I succeed
I embrace
I release
I win
I loose

To the beat of my own drum
I live
I will not be contained

In spite of you
I survive
I am strong
I fly
I soar
I am greatness

Marching forward
Never under anyone’s foot
Fist or thumb

I am not
Nor ever will be
Your charity case
Puppet on a string
Or just here for you to look down upon…


Many pieces
So many questions

Life’s uneven rhythm
Pulse begins to race
Then becomes faint and weak

No interest
No desire

Uncontrolled longing
Raging lust

Sober heartache
Drunken smile

Angels watching
Demons abound

Right place
Wrong time

So many pieces
So many mistakes

All this dreaming
All wasted time

Puzzle of my heart
Missing a part


Thirsting for your love…