A Journey

A journey undertaken
A path that twists and winds

Cannot see whats in front of me
Branches hang low and block my way

Moving forward
Crawling on hands and knees

Inch by inch
Day by day

Feeling through the darkness
Not knowing where i am going

Following instinct
Sometimes just closing my eyes and guessing

But always forward
Never back

Will not give up
Or fall back

I have reached a crossing
Will not stop fighting

Bad day’s slowly disappearing
Ridding myself of demons

As long as it takes
I will not stop

I will someday reach my destination

A light i seek
A life long journey

From the darkness on my hands and knees…


2 thoughts on “A Journey

  1. Lovely poem, very lovely. I wanted to click the LIKE button but couldn’t see one. Hey, I noticed you have 37 blocked spam comments – that’s amazing, I hardly get any! Are you sure they’re not real comments? You should check them I reckon because sometimes I get comments ‘blocked for safety’ but they are actually comments of people from sites I’ve visited. I’d just check those out if I were you.

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