Built these walls
Stone and steel

Brick by brick
Mortar of blood sweat and tears

Countless years of toil and labor
All to lock out those who come near

Gates of iron
Moat dug with my own two hands

Barbed wire
Trip wires
Land mines

Tower high
I hide inside


No one in
Not one
Ever ever again

Alone now
Behind my walls

Permanent darkness
Internal madness

Curled in a ball

Slowly decaying…

Just waiting for my own passing…


4 thoughts on “Walls

  1. I wrote this from my view of that i can’t trust anyone right now because my former friend who i thought i knew better than i did shook his 17 day old daughter to the point of brain damage…And he is facing 2 felony counts and 25 years in prison. So i built a giant wall around myself for the time being and just let the words flow out.

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