Evil World

In this world of terrible pain
Where multitudes daily are slain

Trying to find better times
But lost sheep in the daily grind

No matter how hard we try
We all will eventually die

Time will play its final hand
Pointless to try to reverse the clock’s hands

The same cards for one and all
Read em and weep
Aces and eights the dead man’s hand

So while false prophets distract and preach our demise
The Devil sneaks in
Right in front of our eyes

Blinded by greed and lust
Our souls corrupted
Doomed to dust

Useless beings

For in God we no longer trust…


2 thoughts on “Evil World

  1. True that in God we no longer trust! Is it because we deny him full custody of our sinful souls or we engage ourselves in doubt that life in him becomes a fairy tale? Well put hey. Am inspired!!!

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