Can’t You See

Can’t you see
My life is a thread

Swinging in the wind

A broken record
Cursed to the core

Black cloud
Suicidal pain
Mouth stitched closed

Closed doors
Thorny paths
Bare knuckles
Bloody hands

Loaded gun
Itchy finger

Prophecy unfolding

Unmarked grave awaiting…


9 thoughts on “Can’t You See

  1. That was a great dark poem NP. There was a guy that I knew who killed himself. Maybe that was how he felt. In fact, I think that’s how most people in that situation feel.

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  3. A great “dark” poem…my son’s friend who was only 14, took his life two years ago. It was the most tragic experience we had ever dealt with and still haunts us to this day (his was wonderful, had a great life and family)…maybe he felt this way, too…

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