Clock strikes
Light flickers
Energy burned

Pain and tears
Wandering in darkness
Broken beyond repair

Mind all a mess

Longing to hold
Fearful to touch
Mixed emotions
Eons ago became too much

Conflicted inside
For somehow
If I managed a smile
I might just miss all this twisted agony

Suicide thoughts
As common as breathing

The burning in my chest ironically carries me
Spurs me
Wills me
Keeps me going

Alive but dead
I hate what I have become

Mixed up
Wound up
Lost within

Almost happy
Then crashing again

I long to break from this shell
But don’t think I could handle less stress

So here I will just be

Slightly angry
And mostly depressed…


5 thoughts on “Contradiction

  1. ha I can’t help but laugh with great understanding of these feelings….what doesn’t kill us – makes us stronger….I guess we are pretty fucking strong then eh?

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