Inside my mind
A hidden world
A secret place
Somewhere safe
A retreat so to speak

Inside my mind
Down a dark corridor
I reside behind smiling eyes

Inside my mind
Underneath my ficticious smile
I hide

Inside my mind
In darkness
I cry

Inside my mind
Twisted agony
Silent bloody screams
Hell with no end

Inside my mind
Through my scars
I reach out my hand

But outside my mind
Nobody understands

No one really cares…


15 thoughts on “Inside

      • Mi hermana y yo compartimos el cuarto por mucho tiempo pero creo que esa sensación de dormir entre tanto tiliche o te vuelve acumulador o un desechador, nosotras optamos por tirar todo lo que sentimos de más, aunque ahora que ya no vivo en casa de mis papás he visto que han usado mi cuarto como bodega si bien de alguna manera convenzo a mi mamá de no guardar cosas voluminosas en especial los adornos naÃaHev±os.dista ahora sólo acumulo ropa y libros.Salu2

  1. I cannot simply read these words. I feel them. I feel the intensity of them burning into my soul. I have echoed similar words many times in whispers to myself lately. Lovely lines of tragedy. Thank you for sharing

  2. It’s your poem, so do as you like, but I really liked it unfinished. That’s the beauty of art, sometimes we get lucky and our mistakes are our best moments! It’s poetry, don’t take it so literally!

  3. Hmm….yeah. I dunno, the way she talks about the most mundane of things ad nauseum, you would think that something as mommy-blog-fodder-worthy as cloth diapering would be getting more attention from the KERF. Very interesting…

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