Mistress Princess…Password is Adult

Mistress princess
Boots of leather
Boots of black

Whip of raw hide
Cowgirl hat

Bare thighs
Evil wicked grin

Tied up
Became your toy

Mistress princess
Do as you wish
Only your pleasure I desire

Cracking your whip
On my chest you sit
Demanding I taste your fire

Parting thighs
Inching closer
Dipping fingers
Flicking tongue

Hips slowly grinding
Rocking back in thunderous orgasm

Please mistress princess
Bulging ache
Need relief



Little flicks
Big licks
Moans of pleasure

Mistress princess
Pushing my endurance
So I ask permission to switch positions

Permission denied!!!
Something else in mind

Told to stay
Do not move
Tightened my ropes to just make sure

Jumping up
Leaving the room
Coming back with chocolate cool whip

Scooping a handful
Smearing me head to toe
Creating a tasty treat to devour

Oh so tasty

Tied tight
Begging for relief as you clean the last smear from my pole

Mistress princess in total control
Standing tall
Observing her prize
Ready to mount and ride

Not letting me enter

Laughing softly
Evil grin
Without warning
Plunging all the way

Rising slowly
Squeezing tight
Teasing my tip

Sliding down hard then repeating
So many times
Out of my mind

Tied tight
At your mercy
Yet loving every minute

Now buried deep
Rocking back
Red faced
Out of breath

Mistress princess in the throes of bliss
Riding over the edge
Locked in the saddle
Savoring the moment

Mistress princess may I speak?

Yes my slave what is it?

Is it my turn yet?

Bad bad boy
Only thinking of yourself
But it might be your turn if you make me cum again

Untie my ropes
My mistress I will please
I WILL make you cum

Ropes untied
Now my evil smile
Bag of toys
A special treat
A little buzzer to knock your boots off

Lie back and relax
Let me please you again

Wet with anticipation
Slowly inserted
Working back and forth

Toy buzzing
Finger rubbing
Eyes clenched
Nipples hard
Muscles tensing
Screaming my name
Over the edge
Cumming in waves

Limbs of jello

I smile
Sit back and let you rest…

Mistress princess good on her word
Now allowed to have my turn

Purple and bulging
Ready for action
Getting you on all fours
Gonna give you a pounding

My favorite position
Now at my mercy
Time to have my revenge

Pink puffy and delicious
Stroking my tip across your clit
Not quite entering

Making you whimper
Making you beg
Exhaling as I slap your ass and plunge in

Barely moving
Small circles
Hips grinding
Trembling as you cum again

Bucking back
Head whipping around
Snarling as you say fuck me slave

Full speed
Long hard strokes
Cock a blur
Balls slapping
Screaming towards the end

Reaching forward
Not missing a beat
Rubbing your button making you scream
Sending you into heaven one final time

Spasms gripping tight
No holding back
Exploding deep within

Heart pounding
Room spinning
Pulling out

Nothing left
Gave it my all

Satisfied as I hear my mistress princess snoring
Knocked out cold

surprised though when she wakes
Roles reversed
Arms tied tight
I the master
And she the cowgirl slave…


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