15 Below

An older write but one I really like.

15 below
Shoulders hunched high protecting my neck
Hands dug deep into empty pockets
Feet shuffle on ice and snow
Frozen breath drifts skyward creating a misty fog
So cold as the world passes by
Eyes cast downward
All in a slippery hurry
Nowhere to be in particular
Everyone just lost in the day-to-day
Never stopping to rest
Burning candles at both ends
Mentality of doom in the present way of thinking
Twisted and tangled new age of doing
Must always increase the speed
Do more things
Go nowhere faster
Regardless of race creed or color
All the same for everyone
No time for one’s self
Always about pleasing everyone else
Day after day things never change
Year by year only getting worse
Too far gone to ever reverse course
15 below
Heads all down
All in a hurry with nowhere to go
Hour by hour going further and further down the slippery slope
Slipping farther away from our true selves
So far gone there is no going back
Society itself has demonized our souls
Choked our smiles away
And left us head down shuffling alone in a crowd with nowhere to go
Left with no time
Lost without hope
All bottled up and ready to explode…


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