Buzzards and demons circle as I choke
Laughing and giggling as I twist and squirm

Dangling from life’s cruel rope
Lost and wandering without any hope

Rock bottom I have fallen
Only my agony to keep me company

Just want to curl up
Fade away
Loosing the fight after all these years

Buzzards circling
Demons laughing

Falling into a hole
Darkness consuming
No longer want to keep going

I quit
There is no such thing as a happy ending…


5 thoughts on “Buzzards

    • Thank you. And going back reading my own stuff at times kind of freaks me out so I understand where you are coming from about the darkness in some of these writes. But they help me release all the dark thoughts and progress toward a brighter tomorrow. And if someone else can relate to what I write and it helps them take a step back from the edge and realize their not alone then I have achieved something incredible and that just pushes me even harder to keep going and keep fighting.

      🙂 Kyle…

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