Stepped Inside

Opened the door
Peeked inside
Saw things that made me cry

Even knowing the story
What I saw blinded my eyes
Broke my heart
Punched me straight in the gut

Darkness and demons crawling in every corner
Broken promises strewn all over
Screams and cries rise with every step

Unafraid I paid a visit
Came around to bring your wings
Release you from your chains

Found you cowering
Hiding in the darkness
Rocking and back and forth
Tired and beaten
Yet still strong at heart

I stepped inside your hell today
It’s a lot like mine
Different yet the same
Filed with scars and pain

I stepped inside
Not liking what I see
I give you my hand
I give you my wings

I understand
I know the path
Let me help you up
Point you toward the light
Take my wings and fly free

Diving Down

Diving down
Back into the depths of darkness
Inky black caressing my tortured soul

Red eyes staring

Visions of the past relived again and again

Looking up
Speck of daylight narrow above me

Fallen so far

Slow climb back to the world

Tears flow
Cannot stay here

Stronger than even I believe

Must rise above
Shout out loud and pull myself up

Onward and upward

Dreams will not grow in the darkness

Down here I will not bloom
I will just wilt away

Giving satisfaction to the arrogant cowards who left me here to die…


Blue skies
Windy days
Rusted chains
Empty creaking swings
Voices once strong
Now all faded
Days of happiness long past
Erased by a sinister evil hand
Blank spots
Select memories
Hiding in the present
Dying from the past
Slow motion
Day’s blur
Years slip
Unable to cope
Broken past
Future uncertain
Always on edge
Safely inside a shell
Running from a past of pure hell……


Eyes closed
Trance like state

Leaning back
Fading away

Drifting now

No cares
No worries

Smile etched
Grinning like crazy

All fuzzy
All hazy

Love this feeling

Lit it up

Took a deep drag

Held it all in

Now happy as can be

Sitting in the dark
Smoking a bowl

Not a worry
Not a care

High as a kite

Just thinking of you and writing stuff down…

I Have To Hide

Mind speaking
Soul bleeding

All in print
But hidden

Incomplete sentences

A life
A present
A tortured past


Never fitting in
Never belonging

One step from the top
Always falling back

Getting up
Climbing again

But never out


No one ever understanding
No one really listening

A blind and deaf world
Not paying attention
Never sincerely caring

Unless it’s in ink
In black and white
Undeniable I have spoken my mind

Then the critics speak
From the woodwork
Pointing fingers
Making judgemental decisions

So I cover
Water down
Make things consumable for the masses

Just to silence the whispers
Alter the questionable words

Peek a boo feelings
Hide and seek poetry

Hidden from all
Except for one

Someone who gets it
Each and every twisted word…


All is peaceful
All is silent
First time in years my mind quiet

Exhausted yet not a care
For I hold a prince

In this moment all demons vanquished

Taking in each second
Knowing it will not last

For in time
The prince will grow into a king

And with a smile I will look back
Cherishing each hour spent

Holding a prince
Just enjoying the quiet…

No Anesthetic

Daily basis

Ripping of my mind

Cutting deep inside my chest

Demonic unrest

Plagues raging

Hoof beats thundering

Fires of hell burning

Red eyes glaring

Unholy destruction

Never ending bleeding

Constant suffering

Drilling inside my brain


Twisting inside

Gut wrenching torture

Day after day

No end in sight

No anesthetic to ease my plight…


Thank you I have been inspired once again 🙂

Bare flesh
Goose bumps
Tender nibbles

Sweat beads trickling
Arched back
Whisper like giggles

Low moans
Cold steel
Fingers clenching

Pen in hand

Words flowing
Caressing every nook
Each curve slowly filled



No breaks
Never stopping

Living breathing canvas…

My creation…

My slight obsession…

Flexible poetry…

Oh so sexy…

My Arms

A big thank you to Wild Little Thing for the inspiration on this one 🙂



So many

Cannot remember
Fading memory

So many written
Thousands gone

Notebook full
No paper to be found


Random scribbling
Never ending


Every little thought
Each ramble
Can’t lose another

Last resort
A poster child
Now I am my own art

Strange little thoughts
Now covering my arms…


I have shown
I have seen

Shared secrets
Everything in between

But tonight
Ink has run dry

Eyes clouded

Wandering mind

Lost my grip on the pages
Just sitting

Trance like state

Arms reaching out…


Praying it’s enough…