No Time

Sight unseen
Slipping through each day
Just one unspoken word in my mind

Cannot stop
Must not drop
Ignore everything
Pretend it all away

Cracks abound
Hidden deep
Never seen

Beatings scars and broken hearts
A life of tears
A world of shame

Walls thick and high
Wings brittle and fragile with age

Memories all faded
Self imposed amnesia

Then ripping all away

Back to darkness
Into the safety net


Yet having no direction
Just trapped inside my own depression

Mentally unstable
Unfit to stand alone

Driving blind through life
Unwilling to speak the cursed word

For if I do I might expose what’s inside

Kept tight under lock and key

Never allowing
Never happening
Never again so long a I shall live

Emotionless and unable to cry…


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