Stepped Inside

Opened the door
Peeked inside
Saw things that made me cry

Even knowing the story
What I saw blinded my eyes
Broke my heart
Punched me straight in the gut

Darkness and demons crawling in every corner
Broken promises strewn all over
Screams and cries rise with every step

Unafraid I paid a visit
Came around to bring your wings
Release you from your chains

Found you cowering
Hiding in the darkness
Rocking and back and forth
Tired and beaten
Yet still strong at heart

I stepped inside your hell today
It’s a lot like mine
Different yet the same
Filed with scars and pain

I stepped inside
Not liking what I see
I give you my hand
I give you my wings

I understand
I know the path
Let me help you up
Point you toward the light
Take my wings and fly free


One thought on “Stepped Inside

  1. Wings are of no use if you don’t know how to use them. Still, it can be a comfort to know they’re there.

    I always seem to love what you write.

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