Dig a hole

In the yard
In a field
By the creek

Does not matter
Anywhere you please

But not too shallow
Yet not too far down

Standard rule
About six feet deep

Then throw me in
Cover me up

Oh and don’t be cheap
Please use a casket

Pack the ground
Stomp it down

Toss on some rocks
Stick in a cross

Mumble some words
Bla bla bla…mercy upon my soul

Doesn’t really matter what is said
Because this life is done

My time has passed
I have moved on

So do what you want
Say what you will

Either way I’m dead…

Deep in the ground…

And I can’t hear you…


2 thoughts on “Dead

  1. I’ve read a few poems about this subject. Most of them are Okay. Quite a few are … well … not so good. This one is more than okay. Its abruptness, coupled with its pace, makes it a compelling read. I liked it from start to finish.

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