Back In Time

Thinking back
Back in time

A field of green
Chalky white dirt

Blue sky’s
So bright burning the eyes

Only one ball
The warm smell of a dirty worn glove

Flattened empty cups as bases
Call your field
Not enough players

The crack of a bat
Ghost runner at first

Infield or out

Every position
Playing them all

Umpire by committee
Fair or foul
Everyone has a say

No fights
No arguments
Just loving the game

Shared gloves
Unless you got mine

Who’s the lefty?
What the!!!
I can’t use this!!!

Some unknown kids bat
Left from last night

No sunglasses
Didn’t need them
Just your dirty old hat

Water from the hose
Frozen in an old milk jug

Playing till dark
Can’t see the ball
Mosquitos eating everyone alive

Call it a day
Can you play tomorrow?

Running home
Missed dinner
Oh well

To bed hungry
But not a care

Drifting off to sleep
Smells and sounds thick like fog
Ready to awake and play again

Going back in time

Rembering the game I love…


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