Find Me

Find me crying
Lying helpless
Shell broken

Arms wrapped around myself
Curled tight in a ball

Search for me
Listen for my screams

Look in the darkest corner
Leave no stone unturned

Find me
Help me

Listen to me
Understand me

Release me

Help me find me again…


6 thoughts on “Find Me

  1. I’m here. I found you. You may not notice, because it hurts so badly, because you can’t believe that anyone would know, could know, could understand. But I see you there, and I offer my hand, because it’s dark and hard to find the way. It’s dark, and it’s hard to find the way, but you aren’t alone.

  2. I love the idea of poems that contemplate “how to find myself again”. I similarly went through a rough period in my life … and only over the last few years have I managed to re-find who I am. Thanks for the read.

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