Is This?

Is this my fate?
This darkness
This mess
This wall of protection
This inner torture years of neglect have caused

Is this my fate?
Buried still half alive
Stuffed into society’s shallow grave
Pronounced and tagged before my time

Is this my fate?
To be shattered
Broken and disabled on the roadside
Rusting away
Blistering under the judgement of others

Is this my fate?
Left on my own to pick all the small pieces

Is this my fate?
To cower
To wallow
To accept what I have not created

Is this my fate?


One thought on “Is This?

  1. No. I forced changes upon myself…even when I didnt know how…or where the courage to do so was going to come from. The first steps to making oneself change are ..or seemed too hard…but it gets easier.

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