Can’t You See

Can’t you see
My life is a thread
Swinging in the wind

A broken record
Cursed to the core

Black cloud
Suicidal pain

Mouth stitched shut

Closed doors
Thorny paths
Bare knuckles
Bloody hands

Loaded gun
Itchy finger


Prophecy unfolding
Unmarked grave awaits…


6 thoughts on “Can’t You See

  1. Darius: I did not project anything as I preceeded my statement with “I think”. And I read your post, and complimented it as balanced, which is better than I can do at this point.All: I will be back to Kobe Alerts and rooting for the Lakers soon. I am still very positive, as I was in the pre-season. I just need to get this out of my system.

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