A re post of one of my favorites.

Scars behind your eyes

Scars that nobody sees

Scars of shattered broken dreams

The scars that cripple and blind

Terrible scars you hide behind

Scars that have hardened your heart over time

Scars causing walls to build

Scars making time stand still

I know these scars for I have them too

You can’t your scars from me

I can’t hide my scars from you

A common bond that we only share

Two people lost in time

Bound by silent scars on their souls

Scars that without common understanding would grow out of control…


4 thoughts on “Scars

  1. This is a wonderful depiction of two people hurt and hardened from a long history of strife, but have a soothing and yet gentle respect for one another….great imagery of two poor souls.

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