Should I?

I don’t know
All mixed up
Wheels spinning
Head turning
Can’t figure anything out

Up high
Down so low

Chained up
Key within reach

Everything’s futile
Story repeating
Nowhere to run to

Trapped inside my own muddled mind
Should I?
Could I?
Would I?

Up is down
Down is up

Glass half full?
Laced with poison?
Paranoia taking over
Only smiling in public places

Oh yes I am perfectly fine

Loud days
Quiet nights
Confusion reigns supreme

Don’t know whats next on my minds twisted list

Should I dance?
Have sex?
Or just shoot someone?


7 thoughts on “Should I?

    • Young and brave, I think you have given me the words to finish something I have been writing in my head for awhile now and been unable to finish…the missing piece to the puzzle so to speak. Thanks.

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