Shriveled Pickle

Suggestive adult content.

Aaawww come on baby
How was that not enough?

Flat on my back
Dripping with sweat
Gasping for breath

Two multiples
Countless others

Plain and simple

Shriveled my pickle
No more boinkin goin on

Need a rest
Time to recover
Allow some inflation to kick in

All the pullin tuggin and blowin ain’t goin to help
Pick it up
Let go
See i told you
Nothing but flop!!!

Sorry for the disappointment
Trying my best

But the battery’s dead
All worn out
Just wont start

Hit you sideways and every other position

Long and short strokes

Even broke out the ice cubes and jello

But like a machine you just keep going

Need some time
Let nature take it’s course
It will grow back i promise

Need to close my eyes
Take a little nap

Oh wait!!!
Is that!!!

Hell yeah!!!
Fishnets and a whip!!!

Back from the dead
Houston we have lift off!!!!


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