Out Of Words

Out of words

Just blank

No rhyme

No reason

Just blank stares

Crumpled paper and broken pencils

Poor things

Lying in pieces

Rotting corpses



What have I done!!!

Erasures ground away

Shattered lead everywhere

What kind of twisted world have I created?

One in which preys on the weak

The defenseless

The easy target

Oh God those poor defenseless pencils

Sacrificed by my own hand

Blood now stains my fingers

Marked forever as a murderer

Unable to run from my crime




To the homicide

Of a defenseless



3 thoughts on “Out Of Words

  1. Ha! Instead I kept my pencils and wrote a piece called ‘Poet’s Block’ – it over at my place…
    When you get out on parole think of all the bottled-up ideas you’ll have 😀

    • So it was your ghost that visited my pen. I really zoned out writing this. At times it’s almost like someone else writes through me…Makes me wonder about things sometimes…

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