Until Today

Same pain
Different way

Bulls eye

Slow runner
No fighter


Day after day
Year after year


Anger still today
Depression unrelenting

Middle age

Never forgetting
Unwilling to forgive

Carrying everything inside

Never showing
Never sharing
Never telling

Until today…

No Reason

For no reason

None at all

The things I do

The things I say

For no reason

None at all

That feeling of joy

That feeling of bliss

The look on your face

The crooked one

That one that says I AM PISSED!!!

So for no reason

None at all

I do what I do

I say what I say

Contrary to what you believe

What you think

Or suddenly from out of nowhere just make up

My dear

Just listen for once

I could care less

About anything you say or do

Let alone

Your opinion of me

Or who or what you think I should be…


If I could talk

Spew forth the written word


From the depths of my mind which I bellow silent screams

If I could talk

If you could hear my voice

You could see the circle

Complete the puzzle

Feel firsthand my soul crying out

If I could talk

You could see

The pattern

The insane logic

How my mind works

Start to finish

From pen to keyboard

Paper to screen

A silent movie in the 21st century

If I could talk

I then

Would no longer be

In black and white

But speaking to you directly

Speaking in full vibrant Technicolor…