You see my dear

I have been lying to you for many years

I said don’t

But I did

I said it’s bad

But it’s good

So you see my dear

My child now all grown up

Everything I told you was a lie

It can only hurt

A one way street

Straight to the devils playground

A life of crime

Sentenced to death behind bars

A stain on society

Name tarnished for generations

So now the truth

You might need to sit down

Are you sure our ready for this?

Ok here goes



Your father

Really enjoys

No loves

Smoking pot…


Listen to my descent

My fall from grace

From on high

Into darkness

Complete solitude

Total isolation



Icy walls

Unheard screams

Bloody fingers

No strength

Giving up

Closing my eyes

Drifting away

Shaking uncontrolled

Slowly freezing

Last breath exhaling




Speeding like a bullet


Fading softly


Into oblivion…


Locked in a cage
Trapped in a tower

Hidden away
Darkness reigning

Safe from the world
High above all its pain

Never venturing
Afraid to stray

Self imposed exile

Imprisoned within my mind

Wings of black
Terror inside

Darkness never-ending
Pain never leaving

Tonight no fear
A new beginning

Risen from crawling
Standing strong on unstable feet

On the ledge
Finally the courage

A leap of faith
A test of strength

Breaking free
Soon to soar on wings of white…

Let Me Be (re post)

Open your soul
Pour upon me your burdens

Empty your darkness
Release your demons

Let me be your guide
Find strength in my words
Seek comfort in my eyes

Take my hand
Follow my path

Lay your secrets at my feet
Not to worry for these I will never speak

Purge your past
Cry your tears upon my shoulder
Let me be your earthly savior

Across the miles
Through space and time
But always here

Give me your screams
Everything demonic and evil
I will take them so you can be free

I am not Jesus
Will never claim to be

But here
On this earth
At this moment

Let me be here for you…

Souk Ink

Every direction

Only one understanding
Shared agony

Empty pockets
Dazed and stumbling

Beyond exhaustion
Crying eyes
Lost within

So much pain
Don’t want to wake
Safer to sleep and keep dreaming

Curled up in a ball
Eyes closed
Mind working
Reciting virtual words

Shared torture
Unholy beatings
Broken wings

God sent
Unbreakable connection

Blessed with one understanding
Soul ink that keeps me going…

Tears I cry

Ready to unleash every fear
Years of everything ignored ready to pour forth

Demonic forces

My screaming soul


Each emotion buried deep
Wicked things bottled up

All failures
Each short coming

Everything I love
All that I hate

Now released
Ripped from my chest

Staring blindly into the mirror of denial
Life’s regrets flash before twitching bloodshot eyes

Denouncing every part of my being
Mad as hell at who I am

Cursing these tears I cry
And hating myself for living my own…

Self created…
Self centered…