A Bug

Sometimes I drift off and dream

Lost in thought

The moment

The emotion

The stress of trying to decide

Of which creature

Crawling or flying

Stinging or biting

Noisy or quiet

Nocturnal or loving the daylight

That I would like to be…

But as I sit and ponder

Mulling over and over

This the greatest of all decisions

An unseen crisis

Thoughts all turning to madness

Then finally


A conclusion

A resolution

So now listen up

Lend an ear

Listen to this

The bug I’d choose to be

If I could be a bug you see

Would be…

Drum roll please…

A flashing



Sex machine

Otherwise commonly known as a lightning bug

Shaking my booty

Lighting up the sky

Catching every ladies eye

So yes the bug I would choose to be

Is the most pimped out bug there will ever be

The simple


Taken for granted

Little old lightning bug…


I am the squid

I live in the deep

Down in the murky depths

Quick and swift

Cunning and vicious

And blessed with x-ray vision

Nothing goes unnoticed

I see everything

I see your boat

Your bait

Your hooks and lines

I smell your trickery

I raise your bet

Large as a car

Built like a bullet

Nimble tentacles

Stealthy as a cat

Perfectly adapted for stealing bait

Oh don’t look now

Your hook is empty

And I am the squid

Here and gone in an inky flash…


Portraying a falseness
Exuding a confidence
Living the complete lie

Speaking one way
Living another
Unable to break the cycle

A lending ear
Forever an open heart

Yet deep inside
Totally lost
Grasping for salvation in total darkness

From the beginning


In every time of need
Left for dead

The past
A showcase

Front and center

Forever in the rear view mirror

On edge now
Recoiling from the world

Public facade
Internal debacle

Portraying a falseness
Living the complete lie

Devoured the concept

Bought the whole package

Actually believed

You were that “Special Friend”


Your words

My memories

My tragedies

My scars




Permanently etching

The full spectrum

From a simple life

To all time and space

Your words


Time standing still

Emotional overload

Virtual pages



Each word

Every phrase

Ripped violently from my book…

My Life

My life as I know it

Watching it

From inside

Yet from a distance


A million miles away

My life as I know it




Day or night

No reprieve

My life


Hanging by a tattered thread

My life

Upside down

Inside out

Yet today

Thinking of you

Suddenly I smiled

And for a brief moment

Inside my head

I became a free man…


To a large group

A certain generation

I spit in your direction

I curse your vile unknown names

I shed tears of pent-up anger

I weep silently for those you ignored

To a large group

A certain generation

My how times have changed

Mine learned from your ignorance

Your failed visions

So unlike my father

And his uniform you spit on

My son will come home to a warm welcome and a

“Thank you for your service”