I Quit

I quit
I give up

Throwing in the towel
Waving the flag of surrender

Laying down my sword
Saying a prayer
Making peace with my maker

I quit
I give up

I have given my all
There is no more to give

What once was shiny


Alive inside my heart

Now is dead

Only a withering fading memory

Seconds from leaving

Yet never quite gone

I quit
I give up



Your gone

Finally letting go forever

I am done hanging on…


2 thoughts on “I Quit

  1. I wanted to quit many years ago. Kids keep giving me reasons to hang around. When I was young. I wanted a easy death and fun to the end. Now i hang around to assist kids and babysit. many reasons to give up. More good ones to stay strong and try to enjoy life. A outstanding poem. Made me think this morning.

  2. It’s my job to dont usually post on many Blogs, still I simply needs to give you thanks continue the astonishing work. Ok unartounftely its time to get at school.

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