Ink is my pain
Most will never understand
It’s on my back
My arms
My hands
Coursing through my veins
Flowing through my pen
Permanent scars on paper
A story etched upon my skin
My soul
My pride
My insides exposed
Seething and burning
No longer hiding
Unleashing my words upon the world
Hours in the chair
Nights with a notebook and pen
My therapy
Both always questioned without end
Ink is my pain
Most will never understand
Healing myself with needle and pen…



You repaired my heart

Gave me light

Gave me hope

Helped pull me from the wreckage

Saved me from myself

Closed the dead-end road I was crawling down

You repaired my heart

Restored the faith I had lost

Gave me a reason to “just hang on”

Then I blinked

And you were gone

So now I sit alone



But much better off


Because Angels never stay in one place

They soar

They fly

They keep watch on all of us

So to you my Angel

Where ever you are

I look toward the stars


And wish you a good night…

Are You There?

Are you there my dear?

Is that you?

Could it be?


After all this time

You have returned

Once again to laugh and walk by my side

Or is this just a figment of my imagination?

Another tunnel of darkness welcoming my arrival

Just another downward spiral

My voice becoming only a whisper

Are you there my dear?

Are you?

My dear…

Is that you?


I’m your little secret

No one knows me

I want out

I’ll find an escape

I just need a little slip

One screw up

Then I’ll be free

You can’t hide me

I’m your little secret

The one you hide

I’m not alone

There are others with me

Keeping me company

I can taste freedom

Not very far away

Let me out on your own

Or I’ll break out aggressively

I’m your little secret

Let me out…

Tortoise And Snail

Falling behind

Loosing ground


The snail


Full speed


My opponent

The fastest

Most agile

Most cunning

Speed demon

Ever to grace the animal kingdom

I the snail

Poor pitiful me

So slimy

Oh so painfully




So once again

Same as last time

And the time before that

I utter these words

Congratulations Mr tortoise

You win again…

May I (re post)

May I pour forth my soul?

Not in song
But silently
On paper

My way
With my words

Starting slowly

Gently like a warm summer breeze

Then storm clouds building

Lightning flashing

Thunder rolling

Rain driving





Suddenly subsiding

Wind slowing

Clouds parting

Everything returning

Once again familiar

Back to the beginning

May I trouble you?

For only a moment

As I empty my pen

And cleanse my soul…

I Did

Please excuse my confusion

My coma like state

Must be the booze and pills

They make me feel great

I did

Now I don’t

Please excuse my condition

My sense of humor

My outbursts from out of nowhere

Lost and beyond hopeless

Have totally flipped my way of thinking

I did miss you

Then I didn’t

Major conflict

Crisis situation

No end

Cant forget the beginning

Always believing

Until this very moment

This precise second in time

That somehow



You would return to me…