So tired
Just need to lie down

Close my eyes
Take a rest
Need to silence all this madness

All the worry
All the sorrow
Maybe sometime it will just fade away

A little reprieve
All that I need

Things gone past too much to handle

Starting to feel a bit



All things bitter and evil

Walls I built collapsing in upon myself
A victim of my own stagnation
Now trapped inside my own creation

Too proud
Too stubborn
Too broken and worn down

And in a nutshell just too tired to give a damn
At this moment
In this time

Only feel like lying down and dying…


6 thoughts on “Tired

  1. This strikes a chord…reminding me of a time of becoming so desperate. I knew I had to let go….and I didnt know how and everyday that I didnt.. my mindset became worse and worse…the sadness…numbness…the withdraw from realuty was intense. As always…wonderful words.

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