Empty Soul

Cold wind blows through my empty soul
Only sound I hear is a whisper
Days loud and bright
Now forever dark and worthless
Once only mine
Torn and ripped away
Shared with someone else
Secrets sold without knowing
Hidden passions kept under wraps
Dirty games played in plain sight
Twisted just enough not to raise suspicion
So long covering tracks
Going forward
Silently doubling back
Tripped over your own two feet
Caught in your own lie
Played me for a fool
The look of horror knowing that I knew
But still lying in denial
Trying to save face
Scratching and clawing like a weasel
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Gig up
Game over
Just go
Ripped to shreds
Burnt to the ground
Dead inside and out
Only my empty soul left to carry on


High as a kite

Baked as a cake

Puff puff

Sinking further into the couch

Slipping away

Drifting off to munchie land

The dreamy mythical home of Twinkies Tacos and waffle cones

Fried like chicken

Stuck in one spot

Just to lazy to even think of getting up




Head now swimming in a far off place

Lost to the world for now

Unable to write

Unable to think

Soon to be back

Won’t be gone long

Just taking a short break from the hell of depression…

On This

On this the most moonlit of nights

We lie on the ground

Hands together

Eyes on the stars

Silently watching



The enormity

The vastness of the universe

The complexity of us

On this the most moonlit of nights

I feel your heart beat

Your pulse increase as we count each meteor trail

Then both secretly making a wish on each and every star

On this…

The most moonlit of nights…

I Never again will have to dream of holding you in my arms…

For finally…

At last…

We are together…

Two bodies…

One soul…

Forever and ever…



Will somebody tonight please just hear me?

Listen to me?

Give me a shoulder to muffle my screams?

Lend me a gentle hand?

Open their heart to someone diseased?

Hold my hand and help find the lighted path?

Find a space in your heart for someone in such darkness?

Will someone tonight please hear me?

The pills never work

The booze just numbs

I have nothing to smoke

And the walls are closing in…

As I Stand

As I stand on the edge of the abyss

My mind beginning to wander





Skeletons long forgotten

Places barely remembered

As I stand on the edge of the abyss

My toes suspended

Free from gravity’s pull



Just waiting for the rest of me to follow…


You’ve got me twisted
Mixed up all around

Struggling to understand
Trying to figure all this out

I’m trying but failing

Each step forward is two steps back

I’m having doubts

Your all mixed up

Neither of us right

I need to be stable

But the scales are tipping



I struggle to hold on

Falling deeper and deeper into what will never be…