Oh to be famous

To be revered like Poe

To have my words live forever like Lennon And McCartney

To be on everyone’s mind long after I am gone

Forever remembered like Miles, Monk, Janis and Jimi

Oh to be famous

To live a king

To party like a rock star

Then on a whim become a recluse and vanish

Only to return years later

On my terms

Stronger and smarter

Resurrect my career with words unforgettable

To pick up my exactly where I left off

Kind of like Sinatra

But only without the divorces and drama

Oh to be famous

Even for just a little while

Just enough to indulge my ego

To have my words quoted on everyone’s lips

For a brief moment enjoying attention of being the “It thing”

But alas this is only a dream

For poets only become famous long after they are dead…


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