As I Slip

Slipping from this world into another

Into land of darkness doom and dispair

Falling hopelessly


Everything beginning to spin and spiral out of control

Wires crossed

Communications down

A cloak of black now covering my soul



Suffocating every inch of my being

Dragging me under

Pulling me down

Leaving me for dead

But as I slip from this world into another

And as my smile fades

I look back

I remember

I shudder

And I prepare myself for another round of depression…

Burn Me

What happened?
Did you tire?
Become board?
Run out of games to play?

Why do I ask the question?
I already know the answer

It’s the one where you promise never to leave
Then without warning
The smell of gas
The striking of a match
A slight giggle as you turn your back

And then poof…up in flames I go…

I Want

I want to drink with you

Dine with you

Inhale you

Devour your scent

Meld our two souls into one

I become you

You become me

Bonded into one being

No lines

No separation

Only one heartbeat

I want to shout with you

From the roof tops

Our happiness

Our joy…

But alas…

I cannot

For you are only a figment of my imagination

And true love does not exist…

Dear Reader

Dear reader

May I have your attention?


Please sit down


This may take a while

I have something burning a hole in my skull

A secret oh so long I have kept

Swearing never to tell

For night upon night

Day after day

I kept this hidden

Locked away in a dark damp space

Away from light

Hidden from prying eyes

Left for dead

Nobody the wiser

Now dear reader that I have your attention

Your eyes will glaze!

Your jaw will drop!

You will be in awe!

Pass out from completely from shock!

So here it goes

Drum roll please

At the one time cost of only 49.95 plus shipping and handling

You too can have a copy of….How was I so gullible as to read this whole poem…