Manatees And Moo Moo’s

Manatees in moo moo’s
Flip flops and tutus
Sagging hanging parts I don’t need to see

Double Whopper with cheese and a diet coke please
God awful things that make no sense to me

Bag of chips and a box of Twinkie’s
Put the cookie down and step away please

It’s dark outside I know
But put on a bra and cover your gut
For Pete’s sake I didn’t need to see that

Low in the back
High in the front
I can see both your cracks

I know you mean no harm
Probably just your Wal-Mart charm

But I can’t stop laughing
So much Spandex
So much wheezing and shortness of breath

Hurts my eyes
Yet can’t turn away

Manatees in moo moo’s
Flip flops and tutu’s

And am sure if I dared look..

Big hairy feet and hammer toes too…


5 thoughts on “Manatees And Moo Moo’s

  1. And here’s something else for you to ‘laugh’ at. I was a normal sized woman until my son ended his life because of depression. Yes I took comfort in food. Not quite 10 years after the death of my only child my husband collapsed and died in my arms. I have a chronic illness that makes it very difficult to lose my grieving weight. A part of me doesn’t want to loose it because I know my obesity will shorten this pain filled life I live. We all deal with suffering in different ways. I wouldn’t dream of writing a poem that belittled the suffering of another, and that’s the thing. Your poem sees what’s on the outside and makes fun. A good poet searches for what is on the inside and tries to understand.

  2. I find it hard to believe the same poet who wrote, Dark and Mellow, wrote this cruel excuse for a poem. I’m also saddened by the ‘likes’ for this cheap shot disguised as poetry. Some self medicate with drugs and alcohol others with food. In a perfect world these things wouldn’t happen, but we don’t live in a perfect world.
    I live in Australia. When I, with my offensive obese body, struggle to get my walking frame and oxygen into my car, strangers come up and offer to help. I’m so grateful for their help and kindness. I would struggle to cope without the kindness of strangers. I find people don’t judge me, they look into my eyes and see a little of my struggle. These are the people I will focus on as I heal from the wounds your words have inflicted.
    I know this poem wasn’t addressed to me, but when you write these words you wound every obese person who reads them. Do you think I don’t know I’m fat? Do you imagine for one moment that I do not suffer for my poor choices. We all make poor choices and must live with the consequences of our actions. Ridicule by rhyme is not a consequence of my poor choice, it’s a reflection of your lack of empathy.

  3. Knowing nothing about the event this write is based on I will not pass judgment on your comment. At one point in my life I would have lashed out in anger but I am not that person anymore. I am sorry you feel this way about my “cruel excuse for a poem” but my very overweight wife that wrote this with me found it very funny and not the least bit offensive. I truly hope that you can try and find peace in your life and find even just a small reason at least once a day to smile. As for my readers that like this cheap shot disguised as poetry I thank them all. Have a wonderful day and do try and keep your chin up 🙂

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