Muse My Bloody Muse

Muse o my muse
You know you had it coming to you

Giving yourself freely to others
Facebookers and bloggers

Flaunting yourself with all kinds of back ally seedy sorts
Pardon my language but you “whored yourself out”

Without remorse
Never caring what I thought

I saw
I watched in silence
I sat in darkness

Praying for your return
Praying for you to be faithful
Praying for you to be true

Muse o my muse
The one who creeps in silently after a drunken write out

I hear you as the door slams
The floor creaks
By the loud screeching of the cat

Shhhh you say loudly
But I am already awake

Sitting up

In the shadows
Knife in hand

Muse o my muse
Stumbling toward me with outstretched arms
Apologizing profusely just like you have done a thousand times

It will never happen again
I promise to be true
All those writers can’t hold a candle to you

I love you
You are the only one
Your final words as my blade sinks deep into your heart

Muse o my bloody muse
I take great delight watching you breathe no more…


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