I Don’t Know

I write what I feel

I write for me

To heal myself

To hopefully help others

To connect with others that feel lost



To give hope that they are not alone

But today

Someone close

Broke my spirit

Shattered my illusion

Made a statement

Tore out my desire

What I write is not easy to let the world see

Each poem is hard to post

Like putting myself under a microscope

My poems are real

Maybe too real

Too simple for some to understand

Too deep to comprehend

My structure is not perfect

My lines are not clean

And after today I don’t know if I want to make anything public anymore…


8 thoughts on “I Don’t Know

  1. No, please continue to write! Don’t mind the bashers. There’s no such thing as a perfect piece. Someone, even just one person in this world, will always find something bad to say in any piece of writing (whether yours or.mine or any writer). Because the truth is, we cannot please everyone..and that goes more true with our writings. Our words and and articles cannot please everyone on this planet, it cannot possibly touch everyone’s heart. Not everyone will be able to relate to it. And you have to admit, that you in some ways in the past had felt that with another’s writing too (because we all do even if we dont voice it out loud)..that it didn’t touch you, or it has wrong grammars. So please, keep writing! The only way to get better with this kind of craft is if you keep doing it. Because writing isn’t really a talent. It’s a skill, that goes better with lots and lots of practice. Please remember that. I’m one of your blog followers, aren’t I? That’s because i find something worth reading in your writings. 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 It’s not that I would stop writing but that I would stop making it public. Someone close to me made a statement that really set me into a angry depression and made me want to lock up the notebooks. I can handle critics just fine when they are not family because like you said maybe it didn’t touch them or just didn’t like the write. I can can live with that just fine, to each his or her own. Guess it was just the closeness that made me retreat back into my shell. I will never stop writing been doing it way too long 700 and some odd posts on here another 500 or so on my FB page plus countless notebooks filled on both sides of the page. And because of the wonderful feed back on this post I will continue to keep posting…Thank you so much. Think I will dig up something old and post that tonight. Sometimes digging into the past gives me motivation to write something new. A little jolt of where I was compared to where I am now.

  2. We judge not,
    But bask in the honesty
    of self expression
    baring the soul
    for all to see
    within a moment.
    This is your place
    We are guests

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