Saint Or Sinner

An older write a friend and I put together quite awhile back. Stumbled across it in one of my note books and had to post it.

Twisted deep within
A lioness caged and chained
Beaten down and hidden

An angelic smile
Sweet as sugar on the outside

Look into my eyes for the answer
See the haunted past
Look into my soul and see
That never-ending need to escape

Sins in the dark of the night
Tossing a few back
Reading and devouring sin
Pleasing an ache within

Saint by the light of day
Holding a never-ending patience
An angel wing hangs between my breast

Knowing I am no Saint but not a Sinner
Falling somewhere in between
No one sees my battle
The light vs the dark

Wanting to break out of a cage
Snap away the chains
Bite back at thoughts who put me here
A war is a brewing within
Rumbling in the distance like thunder

The storm of the Sinner vs Saint within…


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