What have I become?

In the mirror I only see

A beast

A monster

A grown man

The heart of a child

A past forever haunting

A future always promising

But yet what have I become?

A mountain of iron?

A pillar of steel?

A statue of granite?

All of the above all rolled into one?

What have I become?

This devil

This demon

This trapped little boy

What have I become?

As I stare into the mirror and repeat the same question over and over again

What have I become?


7 thoughts on “What

  1. I can certainly relate to the pretense of this poem..and yes, it describe’s this time in life to such detail! Torn between boy and man–shedding the skin of a child to become an adult. But the child’s heart remains..what to do? Murder your own childhood?

    The more I read it, the more it hurts and haunts. Thanks for writing this stirring piece.

  2. You’ve become who you are
    But not who you thought you’d be
    Don’t let preconception
    Determine where you go from here
    For you are right now
    Exactly where you need to be
    To propel yourself
    Forward in positivity

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