Cheer up

Please I don’t want to hear it

Your words ring hollow

They don’t mean a thing

They just create a hollow thumping

An insane banging inside my brain

I would if I could

But I can’t

Not because I won’t

But for the reason that I am broken

My wires are crossed

My circuits are fried

All I carry inside is darkness

A lonely that never goes

How many times can I explain I can’t just wish this away?

All this anxiety


Nowhere to go

A future uncertain

A past hiding around every corner


So close

Yet somehow just out of reach

Ready to go crazy

Yet never crossing the threshold

So for sanity’s sake

I write

Every night emptying the bucket

Purging myself of the day almost past

Only knowing tomorrow it will fill itself full again

And I

Will be

As always

Same time

Same place



Just more meaningless vomit upon a once clean page…


One thought on “Vomit

  1. No meaningless vomit at all… I always find that writing down my feelings help me deal with them, even though all you write down feels likke utter crap… Hang on in there, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel! ^^ *big hugs*

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