Breaking the surface
A hand from above

Demanding a fight
Not letting me drown

Wings of hope
Soaring down

Grabbing my arm
Pulling me up

To the light
Towards the sun

From the depths
Away from the blackness

Up Up Up
Soaring to new heights

Then suddenly
Letting go

Cold a callous
Just watching me fall

On twisted wings
Soaring away

Gone without mercy

A short moment in my time

Now reflecting…

Last gasping breath…




Where have you gone?

All these years flying by

Yet never forgetting


What could have been

What never was

Different words?

More or less aggressive?

The pendulum of fate never quite swinging in our direction

So where have you gone after all these years?

You have gone to memory

Gone to mildew and yellow

Gone to age gracefully

Fused forever into the fabric of my being…