Feeling lower than ever before




Mind wandering


Lost in a fog


No direction


Heart without a home

Soul without a mate

Taking word trip down memory lane




Holding each other up day noon and night


Beyond a friendship

A soul connection

Sharing things sworn to never be told


Promising to be there

A pinky swear promise never to leave


So tonight

Counting back

14 months since I heard from you last


I sit




On lines

Single words


Picking apart phrases

Looking for answers I’ll never find


Like why I called you my princess?


And why I can’t come to the reality that your never coming back…

Empty Soul

Cold wind blows through my empty soul
Only sound I hear is a whisper
Days loud and bright
Now forever dark and worthless
Once only mine
Torn and ripped away
Shared with someone else
Secrets sold without knowing
Hidden passions kept under wraps
Dirty games played in plain sight
Twisted just enough not to raise suspicion
So long covering tracks
Going forward
Silently doubling back
Tripped over your own two feet
Caught in your own lie
Played me for a fool
The look of horror knowing that I knew
But still lying in denial
Trying to save face
Scratching and clawing like a weasel
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Gig up
Game over
Just go
Ripped to shreds
Burnt to the ground
Dead inside and out
Only my empty soul left to carry on

Thirsting (repost)

Many pieces
So many questions

Life’s uneven rhythm
Pulse begins to race
Then becomes faint and weak

No interest
No desire

Uncontrolled longing
Raging lust

Sober heartache
Drunken smile

Angels watching
Demons abound

Right place
Wrong time

So many pieces
So many mistakes

All this dreaming
All wasted time

Puzzle of my heart
Missing a part


Thirsting for your love…

Anger Love Lust

Broken mind
Bruised knuckles
Shattered glass
Swimming insanity
Seven sins
Aching need
Another bottle
Another day
Freaking out
Lost control
Bad behavior
Whispered words
Whiny people
Naughty dreams
Not real
Pure torture
Perfect sin
Giving up
Given in
My dance
Many turns
Lust raging
Laughing insanity
Twisted thoughts
Teasing sweetness
Angry thoughts
Aching need
My turn
Many whips
Licking insanity
Lustful need…


Don’t stare at me
Get away from me
My heart had given you up

No more dreaming
No more schemes

No more love
The end of a lust

Don’t speak to me
I am not listening

You are gone from me

Now only
A memory full of scars and broken hearts

Go away…

Leave me be…


Dying once more

For the truth is…

Only praying…

You will come back again…

Beneath The Moon

Beneath the moon each misty night
I see your shadow
I hear your cries

Looking skyward
You dream
Wishing upon each and every star

From dusk until dawns first light
You sit quietly alone beneath the moons silvery glow

A beauty in white
Hands clasped
Wings folded
Cursing every wretched turn in life

Beneath the moon each misty night

I see

I hear

I pray

I sit right beside you

Yet so far away you never even know I am there…


Hidden deep inside

Locked away

Inside a secret box

Untold stories

Unhealed wounds

Jagged scars a mile long

A haunting darkness

A broken path

Things unseen

Horrors lived and never forgotten

Hidden deep inside

Locked away

A pain

An ache

A sickness

A disease

A gnawing

A clawing

A never-ending self loathing


Self doubt

Words never said

Always later

Never appropriate

Now too late

Gone far away

Never to return

My soul connection

I love you my friend….