Everything’s Broken

My pen is dry
The paper is crumpled
My screen is blank

Cursor just blinks
No words on the page
Heart and mind race

Short of breath

The never ending 50 ton elephant

Everything’s broken
My heart
My mind
My spirit

Empty page
Silent rage
A void never filled

Just one day hoping not to wake up
So I don’t have to be broken anymore…

Empty Soul

Cold wind blows through my empty soul
Only sound I hear is a whisper
Days loud and bright
Now forever dark and worthless
Once only mine
Torn and ripped away
Shared with someone else
Secrets sold without knowing
Hidden passions kept under wraps
Dirty games played in plain sight
Twisted just enough not to raise suspicion
So long covering tracks
Going forward
Silently doubling back
Tripped over your own two feet
Caught in your own lie
Played me for a fool
The look of horror knowing that I knew
But still lying in denial
Trying to save face
Scratching and clawing like a weasel
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Gig up
Game over
Just go
Ripped to shreds
Burnt to the ground
Dead inside and out
Only my empty soul left to carry on

Visit me

Will you visit me?

Will you?

After I am gone?
Will you kneel at my stone?

Tear at the grass?
Claw in anger at the tear stained ground?

Will you visit me?
Will you whisper my name?

Gently like the wind
Oh so I can hear your voice just one more time?

Will you visit me?
In summers heat?
Or freezing winters cold?

Will you visit me after I have been laid to rest?

Will you just visit so I know you didn’t forget?

I Gave

I gave…

My heart
My soul
My words

I gave…

My advice
My blackened wings
My feeble strength

You gave…

A pulse
A breath of new life

You gave…

A blind faith

I gave…

My darkness
My scars
My pain

You gave…

Your word to never leave

I gave you my trust
My walls
Every secret I had

You gave

I gave

Then you left

Now like all the others before

You lied…

One Way

In a violent fit

Convulsions of brainwashed violence leak out

Twitching uncontrolled

Eyes rolled back

Silent internal screams demanding vengeance

Invisible hands reaching


Grasping for justice

Only finding






A wolf in sheep’s clothing

Demonic smiling

A voice whispering

Follow me

It’s easier

Walk down my one way path…