I want to run to you

But I don’t know where you are

I want to call to you

But in what direction shall I call out?

I want to see you

To feel you

To touch you

To taste the sweetness of you lips

I want to run to you

Pick you up

Spin you around

Gaze into your eyes

And for just a brief moment

Have time stand still…




Feeling lower than ever before




Mind wandering


Lost in a fog


No direction


Heart without a home

Soul without a mate

Taking word trip down memory lane




Holding each other up day noon and night


Beyond a friendship

A soul connection

Sharing things sworn to never be told


Promising to be there

A pinky swear promise never to leave


So tonight

Counting back

14 months since I heard from you last


I sit




On lines

Single words


Picking apart phrases

Looking for answers I’ll never find


Like why I called you my princess?


And why I can’t come to the reality that your never coming back…


I want to cry

Up so high
Down so low
Reading words you wrote long ago

In the now
Torturing myself with the past
Reality saying you won’t be back

Drunker now
High as can be
But no matter what I can’t be free

Holding out
Hanging on
One finger still gripping the edge

Not willing to accept that you are gone for good…

I Want

I want to drink with you

Dine with you

Inhale you

Devour your scent

Meld our two souls into one

I become you

You become me

Bonded into one being

No lines

No separation

Only one heartbeat

I want to shout with you

From the roof tops

Our happiness

Our joy…

But alas…

I cannot

For you are only a figment of my imagination

And true love does not exist…

Silvery Sky

So I look towards the silvery sky

I exhale

I sigh

Where o where has my dear love gone?

Picked up in a tornado?

Lost in a blizzard?

Washed away in a flood?

Declared dead from an overdose of narcotics?

For once you were here

And now you have gone

I am hurt

I am puzzled

So I make another wish to the silvery moon

Same wish

For the one billionth time

Please come back so I can live again…

Thirsting (repost)

Many pieces
So many questions

Life’s uneven rhythm
Pulse begins to race
Then becomes faint and weak

No interest
No desire

Uncontrolled longing
Raging lust

Sober heartache
Drunken smile

Angels watching
Demons abound

Right place
Wrong time

So many pieces
So many mistakes

All this dreaming
All wasted time

Puzzle of my heart
Missing a part


Thirsting for your love…