I want to cry

Up so high
Down so low
Reading words you wrote long ago

In the now
Torturing myself with the past
Reality saying you won’t be back

Drunker now
High as can be
But no matter what I can’t be free

Holding out
Hanging on
One finger still gripping the edge

Not willing to accept that you are gone for good…

Glass After Glass



No concept of time

Living it up

Having a grand old-time

Jameson followed by Drambuie

Hour after hour

Glass after glass

Holding strong

Then suddenly crashing

Face down

Not funny

Griping the carpet now

Awful queasy

Starting to spin

Shallow breaths

It’s beginning to look

No it’s going to be

A long night

A painful day

And at least two more after that

To once again feel normal…


Staring down the barrel
Trigger mine to pull

So many questions
No answers to be found

Wore out the path
Dizzy from round and round

Unable to stand
Unwilling to fall


Swirling visions
Screaming voices
Laughing eyes
Broken dreams stabbing

Only one way out

Liquid gun
Pulling the trigger

Staggering happily as the whiskey regains control

Bang!!! bang!!!

Goodnight reality
Hello again to drunk and happy…

So Wasted

So wasted

So crooked

Cross eyed and ragged

Can’t find my feet

Can’t feel my face


Look at me!!!

I’m soooo wasted!!!

So tipsy

So topsy

And maybe just a wee bit on the wobbly side

So wasted

Way past the intelligent portion of the evening




Now half passed out

Eyes drooping

Room spinning

Fading in

Fading out

Suddenly jarred

Shaken back to life

Words plucked from the air

Ear to brain

Kick start the body!!!

Someone has challenged us

Fighting words from slurred drunken lips

Man up!!!


Or can’t you hold your liquor?

If I

If I wasn’t so drink I think

I think I think

Maybe I could just stand half way up?

I think I think

I thunk

Laughing uncontrolled

I suddenly stop

Uh oh!!

Another random thought

Drunk is I think or I clunk

I will not

Or is it

Maybe not

If I wasn’t so numb

I guess I might be able to stand

Loosing track

Starting to spin

Drunk as I thunk I am

Oh God!!!

I will never drink again!!!!


If I were not so drunk
If I could somehow just stand up

If I were not so wobbly
If I could just see straight

If I were not laughing so hard
If I could feel my face

If this bottle could speak
If I could find my feet

If it were any warmer in here
If I didn’t have to pee

If I could think straight
If I could just smoke in here

No way

It’s my bottle and I cannot
Will not

Ok my friend if you insist I will share
Cause right this moment