I want to run to you

But I don’t know where you are

I want to call to you

But in what direction shall I call out?

I want to see you

To feel you

To touch you

To taste the sweetness of you lips

I want to run to you

Pick you up

Spin you around

Gaze into your eyes

And for just a brief moment

Have time stand still…



Feeling lower than ever before




Mind wandering


Lost in a fog


No direction


Heart without a home

Soul without a mate

Taking word trip down memory lane




Holding each other up day noon and night


Beyond a friendship

A soul connection

Sharing things sworn to never be told


Promising to be there

A pinky swear promise never to leave


So tonight

Counting back

14 months since I heard from you last


I sit




On lines

Single words


Picking apart phrases

Looking for answers I’ll never find


Like why I called you my princess?


And why I can’t come to the reality that your never coming back…

Silvery Sky

So I look towards the silvery sky

I exhale

I sigh

Where o where has my dear love gone?

Picked up in a tornado?

Lost in a blizzard?

Washed away in a flood?

Declared dead from an overdose of narcotics?

For once you were here

And now you have gone

I am hurt

I am puzzled

So I make another wish to the silvery moon

Same wish

For the one billionth time

Please come back so I can live again…

On This

On this the most moonlit of nights

We lie on the ground

Hands together

Eyes on the stars

Silently watching



The enormity

The vastness of the universe

The complexity of us

On this the most moonlit of nights

I feel your heart beat

Your pulse increase as we count each meteor trail

Then both secretly making a wish on each and every star

On this…

The most moonlit of nights…

I Never again will have to dream of holding you in my arms…

For finally…

At last…

We are together…

Two bodies…

One soul…

Forever and ever…



It is final
For days
No inspiration

A canvas
Void of ideas

A bucket
No bottom
Everything falls right through

A mind
Thoughtless and hollow

Oh the finality
The bitter ending

Giving up
Giving in

Crumpling the paper
Laying down the pen

Shutting my eyes

Nothing to write

Turning the page now

Our chapter is ending

Closing the book one final time

Slowly erasing your memory from my mind…

Beneath The Moon

Beneath the moon each misty night
I see your shadow
I hear your cries

Looking skyward
You dream
Wishing upon each and every star

From dusk until dawns first light
You sit quietly alone beneath the moons silvery glow

A beauty in white
Hands clasped
Wings folded
Cursing every wretched turn in life

Beneath the moon each misty night

I see

I hear

I pray

I sit right beside you

Yet so far away you never even know I am there…