I see your face
Busy as you hold back every emotion

I see your fingers
Balled in agony

I hear your voice
Crying silently
Breaking like dropped glass

I feel your heartbeat
A skipping rhythm
Out of tune

I feel your weight
I taste your tears
Yet I no not your pain

I listen
I see
I hear
I long

I watch as you gently brush the debris from the stone of my grave…

Visit me

Will you visit me?

Will you?

After I am gone?
Will you kneel at my stone?

Tear at the grass?
Claw in anger at the tear stained ground?

Will you visit me?
Will you whisper my name?

Gently like the wind
Oh so I can hear your voice just one more time?

Will you visit me?
In summers heat?
Or freezing winters cold?

Will you visit me after I have been laid to rest?

Will you just visit so I know you didn’t forget?