Is this what you wanted

To see me suffer

To watch me twist and swing



Glassy eyed and choking

Your silence like razors

Cutting deep

Gutting me like a fish

Is this what you wanted?

What was intended all along?

To carve me slowly into pieces

To leave me lobotomized

And in a sick twisted way longing for more…1476148_548225518600952_800300480_n


Bare flesh
Goose bumps
Tender nibbles

Sweat beads trickling
Arched back
Whisper like giggles

Low moans
Cold steel
Fingers clenching

Pen in hand

Words flowing
Caressing every nook
Each curve slowly filled



No breaks
Never stopping

Living breathing canvas…

My creation…

My slight obsession…

Flexible poetry…

Oh so sexy…


Oh fairest of nobility

Yes you with your nose in the air

May I please have a moment of your time?

I am sure you can spare it

You don’t do anything anyway

Oh thank you and I will continue

So please listen very carefully to what I bluntly have to say

Shut your mouth

Open your ears

Crack open your crusty eyes

How dare you judge me

How dare you judge what you know nothing about…


From the depths

Locked up
Buried away

Discreetly hidden
Stored deep in my heart

A crazy notion
A helpless never-ending desire

A mind wandering
Gut wrenching
Barely make it through the day
God awful
Cannot breathe…

Smile upon my face

In the depths
From the depths
A secret kept

Never telling
Unspoken till my end

Hiding in a hole
Drifting through space and time

Aching soul
Hollow eyes

Empty arms
Broken heart

Days crashing into one another
Nights trudging without end

Your memory
Your spirit

An unspoken desire…

My ultimate demise…