I want to run to you

But I don’t know where you are

I want to call to you

But in what direction shall I call out?

I want to see you

To feel you

To touch you

To taste the sweetness of you lips

I want to run to you

Pick you up

Spin you around

Gaze into your eyes

And for just a brief moment

Have time stand still…

Everything’s Broken

My pen is dry
The paper is crumpled
My screen is blank

Cursor just blinks
No words on the page
Heart and mind race

Short of breath

The never ending 50 ton elephant

Everything’s broken
My heart
My mind
My spirit

Empty page
Silent rage
A void never filled

Just one day hoping not to wake up
So I don’t have to be broken anymore…

Can’t See

Can’t you see
My life is a thread
Swinging in the wind
A broken record
Cursed to the core
Black cloud
Suicidal pain
Mouth stitched shut
Closed doors
Thorny paths
Bare knuckles
Bloody hands
Loaded gun
Itchy finger
Prophecy unfolding
Unmarked grave awaits…

PART II I did not write this part. Reader response from my Facebook page


Speaking my thoughts without a word
Seeing them on a page
One I did not write
Knowing I walk the same path
But still feeling alone
Thorns cutting my skin
A pain deep within
Walls closing in on me
Making things hard to breathe
Nothing stops the pain
All in my mind
Begging to be set free
No one hears my screams as I walk off the edge
Back into that dark empty hole
Lost and forgotten to the world
Decaying in my self dug grave…